BFI DotNet

A dashboard assembled with .Net module for Progressive Waste Management

For BFI waste management at Lachenaie: GPG-solutions was selected to develop and host a dashboard of environmental data accessible by the Web (private access). The site in operation since May 2007 allows:

  • To define electronic sensors of environmental data (weather, H2S, CH4, pressure and others) that the administrator of the site can lay out on site map;
  • To plan levels of tolerances for each series of measurements and to define alarms (transmitted by SMS) in the event of going beyond;
  • To define graphs using a generic tool of design allowing administrator to build his own graphs from environmental data;
  • To produce graphs for a specific timeframe;
  • To export environmental data to Excel files for a specific timeframe.

The system developed with ASP.NET 2.0 uses AJAX techniques to create more dynamic and user friendly experiment.

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  • Skill:

    • SQL
    • c#